NYC Must See - Queen Of the Night

by Kimmy in

The Luxe Travel & Style team were buzzing with excitement after attending the decadent, dark and luxurious "Queen of the Night" launch party. The Diamond Horseshoe (beneath the Paramount Hotel) finally unlocked it's mysterious doors after more than 60 years. What was inside?

Entire walls created from real butterfly wings, a knife-throwing temptress, beautiful acrobats and a royal feast. Yes, all this in one night under one roof. Queen of the Night is an immersive theater experience from the creators of Sleep No More. Guests are treated to an elaborate night of debauchery, mystery, excitement and decadence.  

We arrived at the Diamond Horseshoe at 8:45pm on New Years Eve, the opening night of the show and had no idea what to expect. We were ushered into the dark lobby to check in our bags and coats and were specifically told "No cameras - The Queen would like to keep this event private and intimate".  As soon as we entered the ball room, a beautiful young man in a white tuxedo and cut off shorts grabbed my hand, caressed my neck and kissed my forehead. He lured me away from the group and took me deeper into the crowd.... the rest, is a secret. What I can tell you is, its an unforgettable night, you'll never experience theater in this way anywhere else in the world. You don't just watch a show, you become part of the show. We wined and dined like royalty; lobsters, whole sucking pigs and hand-fed Hazelnut Dacquoise. We danced. We discovered. We enjoyed.

It's truly an experience not to be missed - by far, the best show I've ever been to.