Travel Essentials

by Kimmy in

There's nothing better than traveling and discovering the wonders of the world;  experiencing different cultures, tasting exotic cuisines and taking in the breathtaking scenery. But we all know, everything comes at a cost - limited cabin bag allowance!

It's important that you pack the core essentials to ensure your long haul flights don't leave you tired and looking a little worse-for-wear.  Here is a checklist of the essential items every traveler must include in their cabin baggage;

  • Moisturizer - exposing your skin to the cabin's harsh air conditioning for a prolonged period of time can cause some serious damage! You need to keep your skin hydrated by packing a light moisturizer, I'd recommend using something gentle like Olay Complete Defence Moisturizer $13.99 
  • Mouth wash - gotta make sure we stay classy and reach our destination "refreshed", especially if you are meeting someone special at the arrival gate! Get yourself an Aesop travel size mouthwash 50ml  contained in the $75 travel pack
  • Your Camera - the best shots are taken within the first few minutes of arriving on location, so make sure you pack your camera in your cabin luggage so it's easily accessible. Nothing worse than missing those priceless photos because your camera is sitting at the bottom of your suitcase. The Canon EOS 600d is a great travel camera for intermediate photographers, $549. 

Happy Travels x