Step 1 - Check out the Services

View the Style Services we offer.

**Remember, everything is customized to your needs, so if these packages aren't 100% what you're looking for, contact us for a bespoke quote.


Step 2 - Book your Free Consultation

Once you have decided which Luxe.Style service best suits your needs, set up a free consultation with our Luxe.Style team.

A Luxe.Style consultant will email you to set up a time and date for your consultation. You can select the format most convenient for you;

  • You can skype us
  • You can call us
  • You can chat online with us

The consultation is all about you! We want to know what is important to you and what your fashion goals are. The more we know - the better we're able to customize your style guides. A consultation can last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on you of course. It's also a great opportunity for you to ask all your burning questions. At the end of the consultation we'll be able to give you a final quote for the services you have requested and exact timeframes. It's entirely up to you if you would like to proceed from this point. If you decide to use our services, you will then log on to your personalized weblink (a unique URL which we will provide to you via email) to finalize payment for the service package you have chosen.


Step 3 - Payment

Once payment has been received we will have the Luxe.Style team assigned to your brief. Within a few days (timeframe specified in your consultation) you'll have your Luxe.Style services delivered (in your personal URL). Voila! You are now ready to become your own Style Icon.


Step 4 - Support

You can contact your personal style consultant for additional support. This is a very unique Luxe.Style service that we offer; your personal style consultant will be available online to preview the looks that you have put together and give you advice and help tweak your outfit, trend, makeup or accessory creations. *Online support availability is dependent on the Luxe.Style service you have selected.



LUXE.TRAVEL&STYLE operate within a unique digital model. This simply means that we are able to provide our consulting services to you online and you have the ability to utilize our expertise in the comfort of your own home or remotely through your mobile devices. All of our services and packages are provided to you in digital formats such as PDF soft copies or eBooks. We communicate with you predominantly via email, Skype or Google Chat. This allows freedom and flexibility for you to work, travel and maintain your busy schedule whilst liaising with your personal style consultant.