It’s about being comfortable in your own skin


My schedule is crazy. I don't know what I'd do without my personal luxe stylist!

It all started with a 20 minute style assessment via Skype and within a few days I had a complete Style Bible delivered to my inbox. I was able to follow the style tips and purchase all my wardrobe essentials straight from my office.  It's about being comfortable in your own skin, I wanted looks that would work in the office but also suitable for casual weekend catch-ups with the girls. I didn't have to spend a fortune either, I worked with my stylist to choose a handful of core pieces and she taught me how to put together comfortable and stylish looks - it's so much easier than I thought. 




A few years ago I was invited to my first Runway after party and I knew it would be my one-and-only opportunity to be noticed in the industry. I had heard about the Luxe Style services through a friend and thought I had nothing to lose, so I gave them a call. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Even for someone who works in the fashion industry, there's still an enormous sense of pressure to always look stylish.

Sara, my personal online stylist - introduced me to a fantastic tailor who was able to dress me immaculately for my first fashion event. I don't know really if it was the amazing suit or if it was my confidence that changed everything. Whatever it was, it worked! I landed my big break at this event and I have Luxe Travel & Style to thank for that. I still use their services today, to make sure I'm always looking my best.


Kathie & Caroline

Caroline: Mom's birthday was coming up and I could tell she was not entirely excited about celebrating the big event. I wanted to do something special for her...

Kathie: I LOVED my birthday pressie!! It was such a special experience for me and to have my beautiful daughter share it with me was priceless,

I had never heard of an "online stylist" before but the concept is actually quite amazing. We had a really fun consultation (online) with our personal stylist who spent a great deal of time understanding our sense of style and objectives. Our "Style Guides" were fabulous, containing everything from color palettes to beauty tips! We then scheduled another appointment with Kim to dress for the actual party, we picked our own outfits and applied our own makeup. Kim was there to support us the entire time and provided great tips to ensure the looks were complete. Overall, it was an incredibly educational and FUN experience. I would really recommend these services to anyone who wants to refine and perfect their style (with a little bit of professional help).