You have an amazing trip in mind but have no time to research, plan and organize? The VIP Planner pack is perfect for you! We'll create a bespoke travel plan with complete itineraries for you (and your guests). Every aspect of your trip will be researched by our Luxe.Travel team to ensure that you have a trip of a lifetime without lifting a finger.

Included in this service;

  • Initial consultation
  • City snapshot giving you an overview of the city and key information customized to your travel needs
  • Neighborhood overviews detailing the different areas in the city and which would best suit you (and your guests).
  • Three (3) accommodation recommendations (per city) based on your comfort and budget requirements.
  • Options for getting around e.g. drivers, public transport, car hire options..etc.
  • A bespoke travel itinerary for you (and your guests) which will cover every single aspect of the trip. We will detail options for your meals, attractions, sites, locations, events...etc.
  • Interactive map which shows all the Luxe.Locations and tips for your convenience
  • All Luxe.Travel ideas will come with reviews, pricing, availability and insider tips.

*VIP Planner package is tailored for trips in a maximum of two cities over a duration of two weeks.

$450.00 USD

Still not sure of which package you want? Do you need us to organise a private driver, tours, tour guides, airport pick-ups, hunt down a private plane? Anything you want, just contact us and obtain a bespoke quote for your travel needs.