Troy & Camille

We love Luxe Travel and Style. The travel team didn’t just help us plan a “holiday” they helped us create an experience of a lifetime!! We wanted to design a honeymoon that we’d never forget and that’s exactly what we got. One big adventure in four fabulous locations; we saw the wonders of Peru, the crystal waters of Bora Bora, the wildlife of the African Safari and treasures of the Amazon.
We never would have been able to do the in-depth research that the Luxe.Travel team did nor would we have the time! We had such a fantastic honeymoon and were very grateful for the insider tips and local secrets. We’re now working with the team to organise our anniversary trip :)



I'd been working 16 hour days for months to deliver a huge program of work. When it was finally done and dusted, I realized I was completely exhausted and it was time to focus on myself. I wanted to go on a trip where there were no meetings, no boardrooms and no schedules! 

Luckily I found Luxe Travel & Style! My Luxe travel consultant did everything for me. I called them for a quick consultation and from that point on - they took care of everything. It is the perfect service for really busy people (like myself) who need a break but have no idea where to really took the stress out of "planning a holiday".

Just an overall fantastic experience, thanks guys! I owe you one ! 


I recently moved to London with one goal in mind; travel as much as possible! That's why I love having my own Luxe travel consultant, I always have a list of insider tips and hidden gems for every city I visit.

Even when I plan to travel last minute, I just email Rachel and within a few hours I'll have a full list of goodies in my inbox. That way, I know I'm experiencing the best of every city and living like a local.

Chris & Clair

Our kids have all left the nest... so it's time for us to have some fun!

It's such an amazing feeling to travel and know that everything is planned for you. Our Luxe travel consultant takes all the stress and worry out of the planning and we just focus on enjoying our holiday. It makes sense, why waste all your time and energy roaming through millions of websites and travel agencies trying to find local secrets when someone can do all of that for you!